The terroir

Where the wind blows

Vinessa // Chapter one

The Vinessa vineyards grow at the foot of Mount Baldo in areas traditionally dedicated to grazing, where human intervention is limited to the conservation of uncontaminated nature.

Known in times past as “The shepherds’ mountain”, this is a territory that has been part of history and yet remained pure and free, just like the wine it begets.


The temperature range makes all the difference

The southeastern exposure and altitude of the vineyards (from 720 to 800 metres above sea level) coexist with strong irradiation and a significant temperature range. The influence of the cold currents of Mount Baldo and the milder ones of Lake Garda creates climate and soil conditions that allow late harvests, resulting in the particular tastes and flavours of the wines.

A wind, a name: Vinessa.

The winds that blow along the shores of Lake Garda are constant and intense. From the southeast, a particular tumultuous wind arrives, caused by the low-pressure area over the Adriatic and forewarned by the Trieste Bora: Vinessa.

This continues for some days, thereby forging the vineyards and giving them its name.
It is the combination of soil, altitude, exposure and microclimate that renders our wines unique.

From terrain to terroir

The geology of these areas reveals their history: clay soils, rich in calcareous and dolomite rocks, form a unique combination for the growth of the vines, providing minerality and acidity to our wine.

The typical mountain climate means that the crops ripen more slowly and maintains a high level of acidity in the grapes, resulting in a refined and structured wine.

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Chapter two

A heroic viticulture

Our method